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Q: How long after getting Botox will I see the full effect?

A: Full effect of injections are achieved at 10-14 days


Q: Do Botox injections hurt?

A: Yes and no.  A very small 31 guage needle is used and in most cases is nearly painless.  

    Every person is different and some people feel more pain.  We can use some ice prior to 

    Injections if needed but a large majority of people have no issues


Q: How long does the treatment take?

A: After discussing  your treatment desires, the treatment itself only takes about 5 minutes.


Q: How long will Botox last?

A: Everyone is a little different but most treatments last 3-4 months. To maintain good results we 

    do recommend retreating before wrinkles return.   This helps it  last longer. 


Q: How old do I need to be to start Botox?

A: Most people begin to develop lines on the forehead and crows feet in their late 20’s and 30’s.  

    Starting earlier helps to keep these lines from getting deeper.   It really depends on your

    treatment goals as to when you should start.


Q: Will Botox make me look fake?

A: This is one of the most important questions!  Our goal is to help smooth lines and wrinkles   

    and help you to look more refreshed.  Botox does not make you look “plastic”.   Most people

    will not even know you have had a treatment!


Q: Is Botox only for women?

A:  Absolutely not.   Many men are starting to see the benefits of looking younger and are more 

     comfortable using Botox as a treatment.


Q:  Are there side effects to Botox?

A:  The most common side effects are very minor and include mild headache the day of 

      treatment, small bumps at injection sites that go away in a few hours and possibly some 

      bruising.  There are some more potentially more worrisome side effects that are rare but

      will be discussed with you by the provider. 


Q: Do you use brand name Botox or another product?

A: There are a number of products other than botox like Juveau and Xeomin.  We use mostly  

    Xeomin as it works as well and has other benefits that we can discuss with you.


We offer free consultations where we discuss all of the above questions and others that you may have.  Watch our page for current and upcoming specials!  Please call 208-922-3355 to schedule an appointment

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