Advanced Family Medicine is a family medicine clinic in Kuna and Boise, Idaho, offering compassionate age-specific care to newborns, children, adults, and the elderly. Led by Michael Foutz, MD, the care team offers personalized plans that often include new and alternative treatments and therapies.

The team at Advanced Family Medicine combines its expertise to treat health complications and injuries of all kinds. They can also guide patients in prioritizing health so they can care for themselves and reduce their overall health costs.

Patients at Advanced Family Medicine can come in for annual physical exams to check in on their health at any age as well as sports physicals, scout physicals, and Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals when the need arises. These visits teach patients about general health and help track developments over time.

Beyond general family medicine and preventive care, Advanced Family Medicine offers specialty care in areas like obstetrics, gynecology, newborn care, and dermatology. Urgent care is conveniently available to address any health concern that can’t wait longer than 24 hours.

The team at Advanced Family Medicine performs minor surgeries such as circumcision, vasectomies, IUD insertion and removal, foreign body removal, and skin surgery conveniently in the office on an outpatient basis.

We also offer cosmetic and therapeutic Botox as well as Massage Therapy.

Currently, the experts at Advanced Family Medicine are accepting new and returning patients. To book an appointment, call the office or book online today.